Change happens in life. Sometimes we like it, at other times we do not like it. However we cannot run from change. For as we say, it is one of the most inevitable facts of life. Now, there is a change happening that we do not like, but we also do not care about; Climate Change!

For some time, we have been bombarded left, right and center with this change called Climate Change. Everywhere you hear and read of movements and messages trying to get us to worry about Climate Change. This is a surprising one, considering that change is inevitable. What is even more surprising is the whole idea that, the people shouting on the roof tops about us being worried about Climate change have not realized that we do not care. Yes, we actually do not care about Climate Change and I am here to share with you four reasons why.

Before I continue, let me try to explain this thing called Climate Change. For all the scientific jargons or explanation being thrown about, Climate Change is simply a change in the average weather or temperature condition of a given place over a period of time. This change in temperature usually has rippling effects on virtually everything else within the environment. For example if it begins to get warmer where it has been cold for over 100 years, the animals there will be affected; the trees will be affected and in the long run the human beings will be affected too. That is a simplified explanation for Climate Change. The critical thing though to note when it comes to Climate Change is that, it happens over a considerable period of time. In that light, we cannot say Climate Change has occurred because it rained this year and next year it did not rain.

The first reason why we do not care is that, for many of us, the earth is way too big physically and we too small to actually imagine and appreciate the real implication of Climate Change on the earth. Compared to the size of the earth, the human being is like a grain of sand. And when you are a grain of sand, it’s difficult to comprehend the impact of Climate Change on the earth. You cannot really wrap your mind around the idea that, the weather affecting another grain of sand located thousands of miles from you is what is going to destroy the whole big world.

The second reason why we do not care about Climate Change is because, in our heads the real effect or supposed doomsday effects of Climate Change will not happen in our time. For a number of us this Climate Change thing is a tortoise. It may be happening but it’s a slow issue, and it happens over a long period of time. In other words then, it’s a problem that we cannot relate to now. It’s a problem of our future children not ours. Our descendants are those who will come and see the effect. By the time it gets that bad we will not be physically here. And if you know human beings, what does not pain us now does not matter now! So we don’t care.

We have a third reason why we do not care one bit about Climate Change. It is because we are building spaceships. Recently commercial flights taking men to space was reignited by Elon Musk and Space X. Think about this, if we were doomed to stay on this Earth forever without the ability to travel off it then, Climate Change will have been a big issue to some of us. But alas, slowly we are growing to the point where we will become star travelers again and we are confident we will find another earth to colonize just in case this earth gets too hot for others. After all, if the temperature is too high for you just get out.

That’s not all, even if we don’t have enough space ships to carry all the people off this earth, especially the poor and the blacks; we can still rely on our technology we have now and hope to improve on to save us from the ravages of Climate Change. The core things that matter to us first in life are food, water and air. At this point in time, we have the technology to create all the above. We have people living in space for months relying on artificially produced oxygen and water. Slowly we are getting to the place where we can totally control the temperature of place, plant without the earth and generate oxygen and water artificially. Indeed we are making artificial lifestyle easier than natural life style. After a while will wean ourselves of completely off nature and even the earth when it becomes necessary. So, why care about Climate Change. Remember at this point too that, we can also stay in our underground bunker or under the sea for long periods of time, so even if the earth returns to pre creation times, when the face of the earth was covered with the deep, you can be sure some will survive easily in their permanent submarine homes.

There you have it, who cares a heck about Climate Change when the problem will happen after we have left the earth, or can just skip the earth for another planet, hole-up in a bunker or submarine residence. You know us, we are humans, once there is hope and a possibility of escaping a problem, we can live with it. As long as it is not a life and death situation we can excuse it and not worry our heads about it, we will continue with business as usual. And that is what we are doing, for now we can keep exploiting, abusing and destroying the earth. After all, we have options to survive a broken down and malfunctioning earth.

In conclusion, I think there are only two main reasons why we try to care about Climate Change. The first is because we are poor and cannot afford the solutions above. But once we shift from the poor and marginalized and can afford a space ship, a bunker, a submarine residence etc, we will stop caring about it. The second reason why we try to care about it is because we have not officially landed and colonized Mars or another planet yet. In other words, we do not have a back up for earth. But you can be sure that the moment we do, voila, the exploitation will increase and the carelessness of our attitude to our mother planet will spike. After all, we are humans and when we have a choice or option, we tend to abuse what we have freely.

So yes, we don’t care about Climate Change, and why we should, after all, we are human beings and we do not like change, and that includes Climate Change.