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That is it! The President of the United State rendered useless by private US companies that did not agree to his actions or his views. A miracle indeed! Pause for a moment and try to imagine privately owned apps in Russia, Turkey or in Saudi Arabia or even in Uganda…

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There is a saying that men do not cry. Or should not cry, especially in public!

Now many people have recently been trying to “fight” against this notion that has been there since time immemorial. For whatever reason, we cannot clearly say. Some think we are in an era that…


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A fascination with men is the possibility of time travel. For whatever the reason, it gives us the hope that we can or might just be able to correct some past mistakes or prevent future mistakes.

Travelling is good. Consider all the positive impacts we…

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The mind is a powerful object. An amazing one too, for it imagines and after it creates. Over the years all that we have created, invented and produced, has first come from a spark or an idea in the mind.

There is a school of thought that believes whatever we…

Jtd Narnor

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